The AA stands for Awesome Alienz but also for Alessia + Anne. That’s us: 2 Vintagelovers that dreamed of having a cool Shop one day. The AA opened it’s doors on Halloween 2018. Our shop is like a huuuge walk-in closet full with personnally selected vintage and second hand items from allover the world. Our selection of clothing, shoes and accessories go from good old vintage 1950s-2000s to great second hand from this and last season. Something for every taste and size.All styles / All sizes You are looking for something basic to add to your look, something extra to be even more unique or simply a favorite new piece AND all affordable, whatever floats your boat...we got you : ) COME AND VISIT US : Our Shop is located at the Warehouse (a shared working/shopping space) in the heart of Luxembourg-City. Busstop in front. Parking Spaces available all around. We are only open on announced Sundays.(twice a month) 2-6 pm Opening times get announced on our IG or FB Pages. SHOP CONSCIOUSLY SUPPORT LOCALS DARE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BE AWESOME Truly, AA
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