We take your old clothes and here’s how it goes:
You have some special vintage or second hand items:
Together we look through your items and choose what we need at our shop,ready for a new owner. We will name a value/price we can offer for your items. We support the ‘trade way of life’ which means you basically we swap clothes. You get rid of your old stuff and get something else in return. We are not able to pay you in cash. What we do is offer you a coupon in return. With this coupon you can shop at the AA anytime we’re open of course. Or maybe even surprise a loved one with it: )
You just want to get rid of your old stuff:
You have way too many things? You are moving and/or cleaning your home? You’re not wearing your old stuff anymore? You can leave your clothes at the AA. We collect all unwanted items and about every 3 months we bring those to charity organisations or give them straight to people in need. Non Profit / just for the love and support of the less fortunate.
Please note that we get a lot of requests from allover. We would be happy if you could make an appointment or let us know when you are coming by, in advance:) THX
Swap don’t shop